Subtleties and nuances

Nurturing international relations requires a high level of care, tact and a professional appearance. With our experience in accompanying conferences, symposia, trade shows and international events, ALLNATIVE can help you present the best side of your organization. Our interpreters are trained to the highest university standards and have experience in working with various government organizations within the EU and the UN. Drawing on our extensive network, we are happy to assist you in finding a qualified interpreter at the location of your choice. We provide all translation services related to matters of diplomacy: talk to us about expert solutions for conference interpreting, liaison interpreting, whispered interpreting, simultaneous, consecutive or liaison interpreting.

Science & Research

Professional communication of results

Science and research is characterized by jargon and communication by experts for experts. ALLNATIVE will be happy to assist you with the multilingual translation of research findings, studies and other scientific documents.

Drawing on our network of language experts and representatives of various disciplines at universities around the world, we will provide adequate translations of your research. By combining linguistic and subject matter expertise, we are in a position to ensure excellent translation results. Talk to us about solutions for your specific field.


Expect top-notch work, perfectly communicated.

ALLNATIVE leverages the appropriate resources to carry out international projects in several languages. From internal documents, correspondence or presentations to design descriptions and training materials, your message will be professionally communicated – at the highest technical level. The twin use of language experts for translation and technical experts for proofreading guarantees the best possible results for your technology-infused translations. Get in touch with us to learn more about our custom solutions for your specific field.


High-quality work never gets old.

Global interdependence between production sites increases year after year. When production is shifted to countries with lower costs, reliable communication is a key factor that contributes to your company’s bottom line. From engineering and maintenance manuals, design descriptions to tenders for transnational construction projects or training materials – ALLNATIVE accommodates your desire to communicate with your customers or employees in their native language and in the language of their industry. Our terminology management allows us to ensure the highest standards in quality and consistency for the technical terms in need of translation. Talk to us about your project needs.


Interface between financial and language experts

Accurate financial translations inform entrepreneurial decisions. For this reason, it is especially important that you have access to carefully planned and executed translations of your financial documents, if nothing else, to reduce your exposure to financial risk.

We recognize the importance of specialized industry knowledge in addition to linguistic expertise. We command the management resources and subject matter expertise to provide an interface between the financial world and matching language experts. From annual reports, income statements to insurance policies and IPOs – ALLNATIVE delivers professional translations of the highest quality that will not only meet our linguistic and technical quality standards but also accommodate linguistic nuances and the cultural sensitivities of your target market. Even complex projects such as prospectuses, annual financial reports, powers-of-attorney, takeover bids and annual reports we can replicate in multiple languages ​​within a very short time. From acceptance to delivery, we’ll treat your project with the utmost confidentiality and provide maximum protection at every stage. We would be more than happy to discuss our services in the world of finance.


Achieve your goals with laser precision

The translation of legal texts places special demands on international companies of any size. ALLNATIVE is a reputable translation service that ensures that contracts, certificates, credentials, patents, bills or arbitration proceedings and much more will be translated accurately and on time. Different legal systems give rise to differences in terminology. As a result, we take pains to ensure that your texts are matched with skilled legal experts. Our linguists for legal translations are specialized in law sectors such as tax law, banking and financial law, competition law, patent law, labor law or litigation and collaborate closely with attorneys and respectable law firms.

Quality legal translations not only require high language and translation skills, but also comprehensive knowledge of different legal systems and their respective terminologies. Our experienced translators ensure that your expectations are met with adequate solutions. Contact us to learn more about our services for your legal projects.


Reach your goals the sporty way

ALLNATIVE has many years of experience in the field of sports. We support leading manufacturers in the multilingual implementation of their marketing strategies. From technical instructions, safety or creative products, outdoors, swimming, ball games or motor sports – we have set ourselves apart by excellent performances in this segment. Contact our team to learn more about our range of services for your sports segment.



Innovative ideas communicated with their audience in mind

ALLNATIVE gives your ideas the reach they deserve. Innovative business ideas must be allowed to thrive. With meticulous commitment and creativity, we maximize your message to successfully penetrate international markets. We are happy to review with you our special packages and expert solutions for startups. Talk to us, so we can tailor an individualized package to your needs and requirements.





StartUp Start

from € 149,- excl. VAT.

  • up to 1000 words
  • Translation into 1 language
  • Revision



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StartUp Silber

from € 999,- excl. VAT.

  • up to 2000 words
  • Translation into 4 languages
  • Revision
  • Website localization
  • SEO glossary


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StartUp Gold

from € 4.999,- excl. VAT.

  • up to 5000 words
  • Translation into 7 languages
  • Revision
  • Website localization
  • SEO glossary
  • Strategic Consulting and Communication

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ALLNATIVE START provides you with the opportunity to get your ideas across to an international audience with the translation of your content. “Be Lean”, because our lean solution lets you start out with affordable services and enjoy the highest standards in quality at the same time.



ALLNATIVE SILVER allows your startup to enter major markets. With this package, ALLNATIVE allows your ideas to conquer world languages at the highest level. With targeted glossaries for search engine optimization (SEO), we see to it that your message will get the attention it deserves on the worldwide web.



ALLNATIVE GOLD offers a great opportunity to take full advantage of the coordinated, international rollout of your communication ideas in the most effective way possible. We put adequate resources at your disposal to accompany your rollout to get relevant types of texts and documents such as press releases, website, business plan, terms and conditions or your advertising campaign in front of the right target audience within your stipulated deadlines. In addition, we create targeted glossaries for search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure your message ripples through the net. Of course, we also provide you with advice and assistance when it comes to the strategic implementation of your campaign.



*Offers are only valid for companies launched 3 years ago or less.